Property Control

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The Property Control Department brings together all of the different transactions which are performed on University equipment by the Property Control area. Included in this area are acquisitions, deletions, inventory, loans, and transfers of equipment. Also included are the forms needed to complete these transactions and other resources to help you better handle University equipment.

Property belonging to Southern Illinois University Carbondale, regardless of value, is controlled under the provisions of the State of Illinois Property Control Act, and is subject to the regulations of the Department of Central Management Services as "state-owned property." The chancellor of the university is accountable for supervision, control, and inventory of all state-owned property in the custody of Southern Illinois University at Carbondale. These custodianship duties and responsibilities, for property purchased by or assigned to a unit, have been delegated to the unit officer of that unit.

Tagging is done to help track items that are considered equipment, which is defined by the following: all items having a unit value exceeding $100, for the acquisition, replacement, or increase of visible tangible personal property of a non-consumable nature, including livestock, whether by purchase, lease-purchase, or installment purchase contract. Generally, items valued at $2500 or greater will receive a silver barcoded tag, and those under $2500 will receive a blue tag. The exceptions are those items under $2500 that are most subject to theft. These items will receive silver tags as well.

For more details outlining policies and procedures regarding SIU property, go to the SIU Policies page.