Transferred Equipment

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Equipment is usually added to the inventory of the account that provides the money for the purchase. When that department no longer needs the equipment, it may be transferred to another department.

As a general rule, a department may not transfer equipment that is not on their inventory listing. If that item has a numeric barcode tag, it probably belongs to another department and will be on their inventory listing. The exception is an item with a blue tag or a non-risk item that is no longer active on inventory. If you are unsure as to whether you may transfer the item, please email

To Surplus Property

Surplus Property has been established as the University's clearing department for equipment that is no longer usable by its current department.  In order to transfer equipment to Surplus Property university departments should use one of the methods listed below.

  • Computer Equipment – Departments no longer have to remove all data from the computers. Surplus Property will collect the surplus computers and take them to the Information Technology Department where they will be stripped of all data and evaluate for potential use on campus.  Any usable computers will be repurposed and transferred to another department, and all unusable computers will sent to Surplus Property for recycling. To schedule a computer pickup please complete the Surplus Property Pickup Request webform. There will be no charge for this service.
  • Rush Surplus Pickups – Surplus Property collects equipment for all campus departments at no charge; however, there are instances when a department needs equipment picked up before Surplus Property can get there.  In this case the department should complete the Equipment Transfer to Surplus Property Request form and mark the box in the equipment pickup section 2 next to PSO – Grounds.  The department must also complete a Request for Facility Services form to schedule a pickup time. PSO will assess a charge to the department for their labor.
  • All Other Surplus – As a cost savings measure Surplus Property is grouping its pickups by location instead of department.  To make the pickup process easier, departments should now use the online Surplus Property Pickup Request.  This web form requires basic information from the department and can be submitted online.  Once Surplus Property receives a request they will confirm with the sending department and group the request with others in the same building.  Surplus Property will then schedule a time for the pickup.  Surplus Property will also create an Equipment Transfer to Surplus Property Request form for the department and obtain the necessary signatures to transfer the items received. There will be no charge for this service.

Repurposed Equipment

In some instances Surplus Property receives items that are no longer needed by one department but may be valuable to another.  Surplus Property will be open by appointment only. If you would like to visit the Surplus Property warehouse please email During this time all university departments may visit the warehouse to pick out useful items.  There will be no charge assessed by Surplus Property for this equipment; however, PSO-Grounds labor must be used to move items back to campus.

Inter-Departmental (From One University Account To Another)

Transfers of equipment items to departments other than Surplus Property may be permitted. To accomplish this, an "Equipment Transfer Request" form must be prepared, approved, and signed by the unit officers of both the transferring and receiving departments. The completed form should be forwarded to Property Control for processing.

*** If you have any questions please email for assistance. ***

To/From Another State Agency (Outside The University)

If a unit officer wishes to transfer equipment to/from another State agency, an "Equipment Transfer Request" should be completed. (Note: The other agency’s form may be used to transfer items to SIU as long as it contains all of the required information and signatures. Required information includes the other agency’s name and agency code, tag number, description, cost, and acquisition date.) The completed form should be forwarded to Property Control for processing. Property Control staff will review the paperwork and assign SIU tag number(s) and the equipment will be added to the receiving department’s inventory.

*** If you have any questions please email for assistance. ***